Working with the Department of State, Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services (CGFS), Trewon upgraded and modernized the Data Warehouse System by providing infrastructure and managed services.

Supporting Data Warehousing Applications

Trewon oversaw the initiation, conceptualization, planning and end-to-end implementation of the global delivery of virtual applications. We provided the design, configuration, and architecture for the delivery of the Data Warehouse applications that included supplying the hardware, software, architecture design, and end-to-end point of contact and pilots of Data Warehouse applications. Trewon also supported the global roll out of the Data Analytics application to overseas bureaus and posts including to remote and external users, some of which have poor networks and low bandwidth, high latency issues.

Our work for CGFS also encompassed complete end-to-end execution and virtual applications delivery of the DW Data Analytics application.

Trewon performed tests to assess the functionality of the virtual applications that included Unit Testing, Functional Testing, and Integration Testing of Data Analytics and Global overseas delivery of the applications. We also executed performance tests and recorded performance metrics.

Delivering Innovative Approaches

Trewon does not shy away from innovation in the service of our clients. We led the effort to transition in-house application into the cloud, which enabled CGFS to shift from upfront to utilization-based investment.

Trewon also spearheaded the effort to move away from a thick client based application that needed daily refreshing in geographically distributed locations to a centralized application. This change is responsible for saving millions of dollars monthly.

Trewon used virtualized delivery to provide applications to global posts with high latency and low bandwidth. This approach allowed us to provide applications to thousands of users in a responsive manner.

Our staff led the effort to load balance applications. In the event that a specific server experiences a spike in load the traffic is diverted to other servers (i.e. load balanced). Also, if a server should fail, other servers can take-over the duty of the server that is down.

Establishing Strong Lines of Communication Ensures Rapid Response to Problems

Trewon developed and maintained strong lines of communication with foreign posts. It networked with Information Management Officers at posts across multiple continents to ensure coordination and assist in streamlining the various operations. These links facilitated the posts’ access to information and data, and presented an accurate status of the team’s performance.