In 2014, the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act) (P.L. 113-101) was signed into law. The Act established government-wide data standards for federal funds and entities receiving such funds. It also ensured that information is consistent and comparable, which make the data more accessible and reusable, while also providing necessary linkages between financial events. By making federal spending data easier to attain and use, while also making it more reliable, the public can better understand how government spending affects their communities. To this effort, Trewon provided the technical development support services of the DATA Act solution to the Department of State (DoS), Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services (CGFS).

Providing Services

The technical support included but was not limited to the development of the following elements of the DATA Act solution.

    • Data import methods from multiple source systems to the CGFS Financial Data Warehouse
    • Data Warehouse virtual marts
    • Data reconciliation, adjustment, and publication tool(s)
    • System assurance reports
    • Data broker technology, security, and user authentication

    Trewon supported all aspects of the DATA Act solution development, including the design and testing of each element of the DATA Act solution and the testing, simulation, and implementation of the solution. Trewon delivered the documentation related to the technical development of the DATA Act solution. This encompassed technical designs and specifications, system architecture maps, etc. and supported the development of functional documentation, among other services.

    Our staff handled the Design, Configuration, and Architecture for the implementation of the DATA Act – Data Warehouse. Trewon also provided the hardware, software, and architecture design and end-to-end operation of the Data Mart implementation.

    Implementing Innovative Approaches

    Trewon offered several innovative approaches that supported the successful completion of this work.

    • Trewon led the effort to shift to real time reporting and analytics onto an In-memory platform from traditional RDMS.
    • Risk Mitigation. DoS knows that in-memory technologies are changing the world and so wants to put a solution like DATA Act into place as a first step so they can react quickly to future regulatory demands.
    • TCO Reduction. The solution reduced hardware renewal costs freed up valuable enterprise storage and mainframes and required much less maintenance.
    • Complexity to simplicity. Simplified landscapes by using the same copy of data for multiple applications.
    • Centralization. Trewon led the effort to move away from a thick client based application that had to be refreshed daily in a geographical distribution and to a centralized application. The centralized application saves millions of dollars monthly.