Education analytics and reporting.

Trewon recognizes the importance of providing strong educational services for traditionally underserved communities in rural and urban communities. Our work in evaluation of out-of-school programs and technical assistance in support of dropout prevention speaks to our organization’s commitment to serving the educational community.

Dropout Prevention

Trewon supports educational institutions and nonprofits that work with underserved communities to evaluate and enhance dropout prevention programs that enhance student retention and advancement.

Rural Education

Providing technical assistance in the form of webinars and in the development of videos demonstrating successful dropout prevention strategies, our team has engaged rural, local and state education agencies to enhance graduation rates in rural communities.

Post-Secondary Education

Trewon brings over a decade of experience working on retention and STEM engagement of underserved students engaged in tribal colleges and universities, community colleges, and traditional four-year institutions. This work, centered on evaluation of large government and institution-wide programs, assesses institutional transformation, student retention, and teacher professional development.

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