Data Architecture & Administration

We assist our clients in all aspects of database management from initial architecture design to implementation and administration. Trewon brings a sophisticated approach to database architecture that is evolutionary in its approach, agile in its execution, normalized in its organization, and realistic in its strategy. Our team supports streamlined access to critical mission data using a variety of data management products that include main-frame-based databases, traditional relational databases, midrange platforms, and NoSQL products. We evaluate different databases and data modeling techniques based on the discriminating criteria that shape our customers’ requirements. Trewon offers the following design options.

Database Administrative Services

  • Data Marts to enable ad hoc query of complex data
  • Data Warehouses to provide a unified view of data across disparate systems, applications, and geographically dispersed groups
  • Operational Data Stores to reduce duplicative data capture across the enterprise and provide consistent and consolidated data across traditional departments and systems boundaries.

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