Data Analysis & Visualizations

Our staff brings knowledge, experience, and a wide breadth of technological tools and skills to our analysis and presentation of findings.

Data Analytics

As data analytics experts, Trewon staff work with SQL, SPSS, SAS, SATA, SAP Business Objects, Cognos, Tableau, and other analytics software to store and analyze data. We support Data Warehouse systems for federal agencies, building standard reports, ad hoc reports, dashboards and scorecards.

Text Analytics

Trewon understands how open-ended comments add robustness and depth to a survey response. It draws on staff’s expertise in Big Data text analytics to tease out patterns of interest, concerns, and challenges that might otherwise be overlooked.


Trewon draws on its skillsets in Big Data Analytics and its understanding of how to translate that information into optical representations using data visualizations programs to not only create infographics but to query across data sources to create live visualizations.

Interview & Focus Group Analysis

With our team’s decades of experience performing qualitative thematic, linguistic, and narrative analysis, we have used a variety of qualitative software tools to draw in multiple audio, written, and video sources to create thorough but succinct analyses.

Database Development

Trewon brings a high degree of expertise to creating databases in multiple statistical program formats that enable our staff to gather, integrate, secure and analyze large amounts of data across multiple data sources.

For More Information

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